Our Order Process

The order process of INBALI is simple: We collect together orders which are handmade in batches, allowing us to offer you better prices, and most importantly to minimise our environmental footprint.

Ordering our products is a little different to normal. Our aim is not to create large quantities of products just to sit in a warehouse collecting dust until required. By manufacturing only what we need, we can lower the price of our products by reducing storage costs, and minimising our environmental impact by negating wastage and lowering our transport footprint.

As such, our order process is our key to being able to provide you with custom-made, high-quality and unique balinese furniture at a very affordable price. We promise it will be worth the short wait, and hopefully you’ll be proud to be part of a small group of people in each order, knowing that you are contributing to lowering our collective environmental impact too.

Our Local Homeware Accessories

Our range of accessories are items we believe are small enough and financially viable to procure and send via local post as soon as we receive your order. Whether we have these in stock, or whether they require a quick scooter journey to pick them up, we commit to having these products in transit for you within 3 days.

Order process for Furniture

Our furniture will be produced in order to fill a shipping container at a time—allowing us to reduce all overheads by minimising the production and transport processes—so our INBALI concept is simplified to:

1. Timer on - Place your Order

We set a timer as a countdown to production—each container open for 4 weeks. All orders received during this time frame will be added to a monthly production list. When the countdown reaches zero we will issue all orders to our craftsmen. Alternatively, if we find that the container fills up before the countdown is finished then we will close that container and move into production early. You’ll see the clock with remaining time on each applicable product page, like this:

INBALI furniture countdown clock

To provide a safe and secure shopping experience, all online orders are processed through Stripe's payment portal for credit card settlements. All personal and financial information are securely encrypted and no details will be shared.

2. Time's up! Order Sent to Production

When the container is filled, or the timer is up—whichever is the sooner—all orders will be sent to production. All products are then hand-made to order, and this will take a maximum of 8 weeks to complete. Once finished and checked, all items are loaded into their container and sent on their way.

3. Tracking your Order

You can track your order in your INBALI profile thanks to our tracking system. Once you've placed an order, click the Account icon in the top right corner and navigate to your 'Dashboard'. Here is where you'll see the products you've ordered and a tracking block that'll tell you exactly at what stage of the process you are.

To find out more about our shipping and delivery procedure, click here.